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Fourth of July- Celebrating with your child

Fourth of July is an eventful and exciting time: picnics, cookouts, family and friends coming and going, fireworks and a lot of loud NOISES. With so many different activities happening, are you wondering how you’re going to help your child cope with all the excitement of the day?   The best and most important tipRead More

Drowsy but awake- What’s the problem with too drowsy?

When it comes to sleep coaching your baby, toddler, or preschooler, often you will hear the term “drowsy but awake” at bedtime.  While parents may have some idea of what that term means, let’s break it down to avoid any possible confusion. Here’s what you need to know: In general and on average, it willRead More

Where good sleep begins…

We all know how important sleep is – especially when we don’t get enough of it. One of the first steps to a good night’s sleep is understanding the whys and the hows of the process. In this workshop I’ll share gentle sleep strategies and sleep expectations (children’s sleep is constantly changing!), as well asRead More

Get Sleep Tip 4- Summertime Sleep Tips

Phew!  Summer is barely even into full swing, and it’s already hot and sticky here in North Carolina. Along with the increased temperatures of the season also comes more hours of daylight…which means more opportunity for the kiddos to protest their school-year bedtimes.  Even if your young’uns are toddlers or preschoolers, they’re sure to noticeRead More

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate DAD!

Dad’s are an important part of the parenting equation. Sometimes we don’t realize the role that dad really plays.    Sometimes we are trying to figure out what dad’s really want, when it’s that gentle reminder that DAD is Dedicated And Daring through the parenting journey!  As I look up crafts for father’s day, IRead More